Likes And Dislikes

This blog post is about my animals likes and dislikes.   
          First I am going to talk about Zatarra since he seems to have the mast likes and dislikes. The first thing he likes is probably obvious for every cat, he loves attention. But some times he also like his belly scratched, but when he has had enough he pushes your hand away with his paws. Another thing he likes is he likes sneaking into the garage whenever he can. Also when he would sleep with you he seems to prefer to sleep near your head as if he likes to hear you breathing. One last thing Zatarra likes is he likes every thing fresh. He usually tries to wait for me to refill his food bowl with fresh dry food if he is not really hungry. He also likes to wait until I change the water bowl to drink out of it.

          Now for Zatarra’s dislikes. He doesn’t like when Kayla chases him. He also doesn’t like it when he is alone. For example when ever I go on vacation for a few weeks or when I go to school he feels lonely. I can’t think of many other dislikes he has because Zatarra is mostly happy all the time. 

          Kayla has many likes and dislikes, but many of them are common for many dogs. For example, she likes chasing squirrels. I tried to think of as many likes and dislikes as I can that is unique to Kayla, or at least I think they are unique to Kayla. The first like for Kayla is she likes to lick people’s ears which is pretty gross. A second thing Kayla likes to do is she likes to tease people. She wold run around you in circles. Also my mom has a bed that is to high for Kayla to jump on since she has very short legs, she always has to wait for some one to pick her up. So she loves the new pet stairs that we got her because now she can get on the bed herself.
          Kayla doesn’t have many dislikes. But one dislike she has is that she doesn’t like when other dogs are in her house. Kayla also doesn’t like when Zatarra tries to sleep on the same bed as Kayla sleeps on. That’s about the only two things that I can think of that Kayla doesn’t like and that are unique.


           Itchy has very few likes and dislikes. One thing she likes to do is sleep, and also, like all cats she likes attention. She also likes to sleep on your stomach when you are in bed. A dislike Itchy has is she doesn’t like dogs being around. Almost all cats don’t like dogs but Itchy doesn’t even like being the same room with one.


Funny Animal Traits

          I decided to write this blog on Kayla, Itchy and Zatarra’s funny traits. Kayla, Itchy and Zatarra all do many things that make them distinctive from other cats and dogs what. In this blog post I listed a few funny traits that all Kayla, Itchy and Zatarra do at home.
          First I am going to describe some of Kayla’s funny traits. Something that Kayla does that’s funny is that when she is sleeping she snores very loudly. She also barks at things that aren’t really there. For example she likes to bark at other dogs that are on TV. She likes to bark at her reflection in the window at night and for some unknown reason Kayla also likes to bark at the word freckles. When my mom finishes a peanut butter jar she gives it to Kayla to lick the size of the jar for the peanut butter. But even though Kayla can only reach her tong halfway down the jar and has already licked all the peanut butter she could, she keeps trying to lick the peanut butter off the bottom of the jar.  

          Now I am going to talk about some of Zatarra’s funny traits. First off at night Citara comes upstairs meowing like crazy with the stuffed gorilla in his mouth and keeps meowing until he wakes me up. Another funny trait that Zatarra does is he likes it when you rub your stomach but then after a while he bites you for no reason. Citara also begs for attention but after a few minutes of attention, again he would try and bite you. But when you do get a bit it doesn’t hurt, I think he is just being playful. Sometimes when Kayla runs at Zatarra, he just sits there, doesn’t move and is unafraid, and doesn’t even acknowledge that Kayla was chasing him. Then Kayla just walks away.
          The last animal I am going to talk about in my blog is Itchy. Itchy doesn’t do many interesting things since she mostly sleeps all day.  Itchy is also very annoying at night because she likes laying against you and makes you feel very crowded.  She is also very old is, she is about 12 years old, which is 84 in cat years, so I can’t think of many funny things that she does.

Funny Pug Poses

Kayla sits in many funny positions. I got a lot of pictures of Kayla sitting or laying in a lot of weird, funny, and cute positions.  For this blog post, I described the picture, and put a quote of what I think Kayla looks like she is saying.
Kayla loves to sniff around the kitchen floor looking for any crumbs of food that dropped. Sometimes when my mom feeds Kayla a little bite of food, Kayla gets it stuck on the side of her mouth. She also likes sniffing places were some dust is and gets the dust stuck on her snout.


“I ate the cat”
When she sits on the couch, she does not sit with her legs folded under her like most dogs, instead she has her legs sticking straight out in front of her. 

“Can I help you??”

“What was that??”
A few times I saw her lay flat on her stomach on a rug with her hind legs stretched out in back of her and her front stretched out in front of her.

“It’s more comfortable than it looks”
When someone talks to her, and she does not recognize it as a trick or command, she would tilt her head and stare at you.

When she is tired or just woke up from a nap, that is when she sits or lays in the most funny positions.  

 “Nice and cozy warm”

 “Leave me alone, I’m tired”
Sometimes when Kayla smell something, she sticks her nose in the air sniffing around. 

 “I smell something”
Sometimes she curls into a ball in between a pillow and the side of the couch.  
“What are you looking at??”
Most of the time when she is in the down position she crosses her front paws. 

  “What do you want??”


Itchy is a black and white cat. She has four white paws, white fur around her nose, and white fur under her chin and on her stomach. She is around eight or nine years old (fifty six or sixty three in cat years) and mostly sleeps all day. She is a dominant cat and likes to be in charge. She hisses at Zatarra when he gets near her, and when Kayla sees her kayla chases after her but is never able to catch her because Itchy is able to run faster.  Itchy doesn’t play much, but when she does she plays with things for a while, like a bell, but then she gets bored and would forget about the toy. She doesn’t really have a favorite toy. She does like to play with yarn. A few years ago she got into my moms yarn basket and unraveled one whole ball of yarn.


Itchy loves to sleep in weird positions. Unlike most cats she sleeps on her back with her feet sometimes up in the air. She also likes to roll around on rugs, rubbing her back on them. Like Zatarra, she loves attention. When she drinks out of a water bowl she doesn’t like to stick your face in the bowl, so when she wanted to get a drink of water she would put her paw on the side of the bowl and lean on it and spill water on to the floor so she could drink the drops off the side of the bowl. She is not able to do that anymore because we got new water bowls so she can’t put her paw on the side of the bowl because it is not thick enough now. 
She hates being cold, so during the winter she would find someone to sleep with and crawl under the covers to stay warm. When we have a fire in the fireplace she also likes to sit really close to it because she likes the heat. During the day when it is sunny outside, itchy would find a spot where the sun is shining through the window, and would lays in the sunny spot on the floor or couch like she’s sunning her self. As the sun moves through the sky, the sunny spot on the floor would move and she would get up and move to the spot where sunny area had moved to.

Kayla’s Tricks

The video I decided to add to this blog post is a video of Kayla doing some of the tricks she knows best. The tricks in this video are: Speak, paw, give me ten, treat on the nose, roll over, high five, low five, stand, dance, bow, sit, kisses, crawl, and treat on the nose again. Some tricks that Kayla also knows that were not shown in the video are: Sit pretty, and play dead. The first trick she ever learned was sit and the most recent trick she learned was crawl. For her to learn all these tricks it has taken her three years. Other small trick’s she knows is “here” which makes her come to you and “free dog” which we say when feeding her because she is not allowed to eat until we say free dog. Free dog is also used to release her from Bone Bed, which is where she sits chewing on a bone, while we are eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner so she feels part of the family.




Kayla The Pug


My mom has a pug that has just turned three years old recently (twenty one in dog years).  She is a fawn pug which means she has a really light tanned body with black ears and a black snout.  But unlike a regular fawn pug, Kayla has lighter ears then other fawn pugs.
Her ears are lighter because one of her parents is a white pug, which is the most rare color for a pug.  The other parent is a regular fawn pug, so Kayla is a mix of both.

Kayla is very playful and loves to run around.  When she was younger, when she started running really fast she looked like a deer by landing on both her front legs and then pushing off with her back legs.  She loves going for walks and smelling everything she sees and meeting other dogs.  She knows lots of tricks.

Jordan’s First blog

My Cat Zatarra

        I decided to write my first blog on my cat.  His name is Zatarra and he has grayish black striped fur with some white fur under his chin.  There is a pattern on his forehead that make out the letter “M”.

imageZatarra he loves attention and one of his favorite toys is a small black stuffed gorilla that used to be my brothers.  I am not sure what type of breed he is  but he does have the same pattern as an Egyptian mau cat and loves attention.  I’m not sure how old he is but he is younger than five.  We didn’t buy him at a pet store, he was found at my elementary school in a bush near the entrance of the school.  He wasn’t there for long because when we found him he had a full stomach.  He is a very playful cat but likes to use his claws to scratch things.My mom thought of the name “Zatarra” from a movie she watched.  I don’t know what the movie was called and I didn’t watch it.  Zatarra also likes to chew on my mom’s plants.  He gets along with our dog, Kayla, and he usually ignores our other cat ,Itchy.